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As a Specialist Group within the Antiquarian Horological Society, the Turret Clock Group functions to promote knowledge about turret clocks. Four meetings are held each year, and take a variety of formats in different venues. Lectures, visits to turret clocks and seminar-type meetings are held. The 'Summer Tour' has always been very popular, giving members the chance to visit turret clocks in churches, towers and in private estates rarely accessible to the public. A charge is made at meetings to cover organisation costs and for donations to churches visited, this is around £2 per meeting or £5 for full-day events.

Many enquiries are answered each year, quite a number of these coming from overseas. Membership covers a wide spectrum from those just starting, to experienced experts. Some members are turret clock advisers in their local diocese, others are historians, restorers or professionals.

Past publications, which are now out of print, are: 'A Guide to Turret Clock Research', 'The Great Salisbury clock Trial', 'Turret Clocks: list of clocks from makers' catalogues and publicity materials'. In print is 'The Turret Clock Keeper's Handbook'.

Membership of the Turret Clock Group is open to all members of the Antiquarian Horological Society. To join, just ask the AHS Secretary to include your name on the Turret Clock Group mailing list. Newsletters are sent out twice a year in January and September. Watch the Journal or AHS web site for meeting details as well.

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