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Turret Clock Plans.

An old book on making a proper turret clock is...

The Tower Clock Designed and Made for the University of Chicago. 1903

By Earl Bixby Ferson

This book is available as a re-print.

John Wilding wrote a series of articles in the Horological Journal from January to December 1984 on how to make a small tower clock. Essentially the clock is a tiny flat bed movement, the sort of thing that a modle maker would produce. The series included an electrical striking unit. The series was first reproduced by the BHI and later by Rite Time Publishing under the title "The construction of a small weight driven tower clock".

A series by Price on how to make a half-size turret clock appeared in the modelling magazine 'Engineering in Miniature' from September 2000 to around October 2001. The movement is a two-train birdcage and is about 12 inches cube approx.

If you read German, then try 'Eine Kleine Turmuhr' by Lothar Bornschein. Published by Fachkreis Turmuhren Deutshe Gelleshaft fur Chronometrie. ISBN 978 -3-000-030654-9. Quite the best book on how to make a turret clock. Just read the pictures if you can't read the text.

Dorset Clocks and Clockmakers

If you want to find out about Dorset clocks you need to look at the book by Tribe and Whatmoor "Dorset Clocks and Clockmakers" published 1981.

The Whatmoor family run a nursery, a Clock Museum and a Cider Museum at Owermoigne, Dorset. The Museum is called The Dorset Collectioin of Clocks. It has many longcase clocks, mostly by Dorset makers and about 8 turret clocks. Leave the A352 Dorchester to Wool road at Owermoigne and follow the brown signs to the Cider museum, its about 1.5 miles from the main road.

Mill House Cider Museum and Dorset Collection of Clocks

John / James Harrison

Go back a page and follow the link to Turret Clock Topics for information on James Harrison. I will be working on a book that will be out in 2011.

Clocks Watches and Bells

A Rudiementary treatise on Clock Watches and Bells by Lord Grimthorpe (Edmind Beckett Denison) 1903 may be downloaded from the Gutenberg site.

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