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Training for companies and individuals can be arranged on request.

I run a 5-day seminar on turret clock work at the BHI, Upton Hall, Upon, Newark, Nottinghamshire, on an annual basis, subject to demand. The target audience is the professional clock restorer who, from time to time, is asked to do work on turret clocks. The objective of the seminar is to make such a person familiar with turret clocks so they can undertake basic jobs, assess what is needed, and know their own capabilities so they take on, or decline work as necessary.

A set of notes, currently around 220 pages, is issued at the seminar.

Next Seminar at the BHI is Monday 2nd July to Friday 6th July 2012.

To see a report on the 2011 Course Click Here

Seminar contents is listed below. This may change from time to time. Teaching is a blend of presentation and practical exercises.

Look round museum

Health & safety intro, basic rules, how we will develop our rules and risk assessment.

History of TCs

Closer look round museum

Dial restoration, outline of exercises

Terminology: Virtual visit to a TC

Powerpoint presentation of 100 pictures taken in a typical tower.

The Turret Clock Keeper’s Handbook

Restoration philosophy

What are our obectives for a clock

What does the owner want

What should be repaired

What is of significant historical interest and should be preserved

Documentation  / photos what do we do, how far do we go.

Objectives in cleaning TCs

Chemical cleaning

Abrasive cleaning

Video: Bells and bellringing.

Components of a bell.

Clock hammers and bell cranks.

Turret clock installation inspection

Inspecting a TC



Leading off work

Health & safety rules for a visit to a clock tower

Accident & locked in strategies.

Dial restoration: Painting chapters

Identification of common problems; fault finding chart

Disassembly & assembly of a TC

Visit to a Church to see turret clock

Exercise on site Practical use of inspection chart.

Review H&S issues for visit

Train calculations

Train counting and train calculation

Timing turret clocks with the Microset

Re-assembly of a TC

Dial restoration:  Gilding first layer of leaf.

Tools needed for working on TCs

Hand, machine tools and other facilities needed.


How to bush in various frame types.This depends a bit on what we can find that needs bushing...

Making and fitting a new suspension spring.

Lines and pulleys  Fitting a new line

Bell hammers, cranks and wires

Making eyes, S hooks and straightening wire for bell work

Pulley & line fixing

Hands removal

Dial fixing

TC maintenance, What to lubricate, with what and when.

Electric turret clocks

Automatic  winders

Night Silencing

Automatic correctors

Commercial issues.



            Diocesan clocks advisors

            Public liability insurance

            Customer care - selling the company

How to decide when a job is beyond your capability or how to find someone who can do the job.

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For details of seminars, dates and prices go to the BHI Web Site, and look for seminars. Seminars are only available to BHI members.


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