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Note for readers from outside of the United Kingdom.

These guidelines are intended to be applicable to all types of turret clocks in the British Isles .  Those persons who work on turret clocks outside of the British Isles are also invited to consider using these documents as best fits their clock in the context of their country, culture, climate, availability of tools and materials, maintenance capability, and their current economic situation.

The Turret Clock Keeper’s Handbook

A booklet that covers history, clock types and basic functions like winding, setting to time, regulating and correcting out of sequence striking.  A basic ‘must’ for every church that has a clock. 

Download Keepers Handbook

The following documents have been incorporated into the New Revised Edition of The Turret Clock Keeper's Handbook and are no longer available.

Guidelines for Turret Clocks:  Commissioning Turret Clock Work
Guidelines for Turret Clocks: Simple Cost-Effective Strategies for Preservation
Guidelines for Turret Clocks:  Health & Safety Assessment
Guidelines for Turret Clocks:  Repair, Restoration, Conservation, Preservation & Maintenance.

Frontispiece of Big Ben from A Rudiementary Treatise on Clocks Watches and Bells

If you have an e-version of. Grimthorpe's book then you will not have the frontispiece.

Download CWB Frontispiece

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